Bidayuh Zones to Take Turns Closing Gawai Festival


Bidayuh zones to take turns closing Gawai

Bidayuh Zones to Take Turns Closing Gawai Festival
Bidayuh Zones to Take Turns Closing Gawai Festival

New Rotational System for Gawai Dayak Festival Closing Introduced

In a move towards inclusivity and equal representation, the Gawai Dayak festival closing ceremonies at Tasik Biru will now operate under a rotational system among the four Bidayuh community zones. This initiative aims to distribute the responsibility and honor of hosting this cultural event equitably among all zones.

Deputy Minister Emphasizes Community Unity

Deputy Minister of Transport (Maritime and Riverine) Datuk Henry Harry Jinep, who serves as the assemblyman for Tasik Biru, unveiled this new approach during the recent Gawai Dayak closing ceremony held at Jagoi Serasot Multipurpose Hall. He underscored the significance of community involvement and the pivotal roles played by local leaders in coordinating these festivities.

“In the past year, Singai had the privilege of hosting the Gawai closing, and this year, Jagoi took up the mantle,” shared Datuk Henry. “Next year, we plan to hold it in Bratak. This rotation ensures each community has the opportunity to showcase their cultural heritage.”

Dignitaries Laud Community-Led Celebrations

The ceremony, which commenced at noon, garnered attendance from notable figures including Deputy Minister of Public Health, Housing and Local Government Datuk Dr. Penguang Manggil, Bawang Assan assemblyman Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh, and Engkilili assemblyman Dr. Johnical Rayong Ngipa. They commended the initiative for honoring local traditions and fostering community pride through inclusive cultural celebrations.


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